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The Premier League (or Premiership) is the highest senior club league in English football[1] (soccer). It was formed in 1992, replacing the old Football League First Division, and now consists of the top 20 clubs. Each year three clubs are relegated, and three are promoted to the Premier League from the Football League Championship. The current Premier League champions (season 2016-17) are Chelsea F.C. and the league is currently sponsored by the banking and finance group Barclays. The top three clubs gain automatic entry to the European Champions League whilst the fourth-placed club must play a qualification match in order to participate in the first round.

The Premiership has attracted criticism because the vast majority of the teams stand little chance of winning; the only clubs with a realistic chance of success are Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, known as the 'Big Five'.

Premier League champions
Season Winner Runner-up Third place Fourth place
1992–93 Manchester United Aston Villa Norwich City Blackburn Rovers
1993–94 Manchester United Blackburn Rovers Newcastle United Arsenal
1994–95 Blackburn Rovers Manchester United Nottingham Forest Liverpool
1995–96 Manchester United Newcastle United Liverpool Aston Villa
1996–97 Manchester United Newcastle United Arsenal Liverpool
1997–98 Arsenal Manchester United Liverpool Chelsea
1998–99 Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Leeds United
1999–2000 Manchester United Arsenal Leeds United Liverpool
2000–01 Manchester United Arsenal Liverpool Leeds United
2001–02 Arsenal Liverpool Manchester United Newcastle United
2002–03 Manchester United Arsenal Newcastle United Chelsea
2003–04 Arsenal Chelsea Manchester United Liverpool
2004–05 Chelsea Arsenal Manchester United Everton
2005–06 Chelsea Manchester United Liverpool Arsenal
2006–07 Manchester United Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal
2007–08 Manchester United Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool
2008–09 Manchester United Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal
2009–10 Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur
2010–11 Manchester United Chelsea Manchester City Arsenal
2011-12 Manchester City Manchester United Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur
2012-13 Manchester United Manchester City Chelsea Arsenal
2013-14 Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal
2014-15 Chelsea Manchester City Arsenal Manchester United
2015-16 Leicester City Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur Manchester City
2016-17 Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur Manchester City Liverpool


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