Enthusiastic student responses to the Question evolution! campaign

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There has been enthusiastic student response to the Question evolution! campaign.

Since the 1960s particularly, evolutionary pseudoscience has been force fed public students which many students resent.

The Question evolution! campaign has received some enthusiastic student response.

Below are two students comments in the popular Christian YouTube channel Shockofgod about the 15 Questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer:

Amanda2324 writes at YouTube: "LOVE THESE QUESTIONS!!! Like I'm in Physical Geography and Logic & Critical Thinking classes, and the teachers always mention something that either directly or indirectly refers to evolution. I may bring a copy of these with me to my classes from now on..."[1]

MrCody writes at YouTube: "I wished you told me this back in February when i was being taught about evolution. I wished i could have asked my teacher all those just to make her feel stupid."[2]

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