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Epic Privacy Browser v40.0.2214.91 on Windows 7

Epic Privacy Browser is a free web browser program which is focused primarily on user privacy. Rather than having a private mode which may be enabled, such a "mode" is always active. It blockes various ads and trckers, and also offers an integrated VNP/Proxy option, to connect anonymously to websites. This browser uses the Chroimum engine, so it will generally load websites much like Google Chrome.


  • Privacy-Centric, ads and trackers are blocked[1]
  • Always in privacy "mode"[1]
  • Integrated VPN which may be toggled on and off[1]
  • Separate processes (threads) for each tab to provided added security and stability[1]
  • All Google tracking features integrated in the Chromium engine were removed[2]


  • VPN may trigger extra authentication systems on some websites[1]
  • Numerous processes (threads) may consume more RAM (temporary system memory)
  • Integrated ad-blocker may result is reduced functionality (some websites are designed this way to force visitors to view ads)
  • Does not support external password managers,[3] but does offer its own
  • "Some websites don't work, or work strangely" and "Search engine skips some standard search modifiers" -PCMag[3]
  • Closed source, proprietary code (the public should not disassemble and view the source code)[4]


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