Eric Robert Rudolph

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Eric Rudolph (September 19, 1966- ) is an American terrorist and self-proclaimed "Christian". Inspired by his anti-abortion and anti-homosexual beliefs, he committed four bombings, killing three. He is currently incarcerated. Rudolph is an Anti-Semite and member of the racist Christian Identity-movement.


Rudolph's most famous attack was a bombing at the Atlanta Olympics, which killed Alice Hawthorne and injured her daughter and 110 other spectators.[1] The attack was originally blamed on the hero security guard who found the bag, Richard Jewell, in a horrible case of trial by media. When it was recognized Rudolph was behind the attack, he was placed on the FBI's most wanted list. He also bombed two abortion clinics, killing two (including an off duty policeman hiring himself out as a security guard), and a gay and lesbian night club, injuring 5.


After 5 years on the run Rudolph was captured in North Carolina living in squalid conditions. A police officer found him looking through a garbage dumpster for food. He was sentenced to two life sentences for his crimes, and two more life sentences in a subsequent trial, and is currently locked up in supermax. He still sends anti-abortion and anti-homosexual messages to the Army of God, a militant anti-abortion group, which publishes them on its website.