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Ernesto J. Cordero (Ernesto Javier Cordero Arroyo) (born May, 1968) is a Mexican politician. First, in 2008, president Felipe Calderón designated him Secretary of Social Development, and since December 9, 2009, as Secretary of Finance and Public Credit. He belongs to the National Action Party (PAN). Cordero is an economist graduated from the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM), obtaining a BA in Actuary, and later a Master in Economics. He also holds a Master in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. He was near to obtain his PhD degree when he was asked to join the Mexican federal government.

Cordero has been Professor of International Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, Economics and Statistics at the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, and Econometrics at the Center for Economic Research and Teaching, and Universidad Panamericana (English: Panamerican University, commonly known as UP).

Ernesto Cordero is married with no children.

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