Essay:10 Ways Liberals Create Atheists

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Here are the top ten ways that liberals create atheists, particularly as part of schooling:[1]

  1. Exclude prayer. People can say whatever they want other than recite a prayer. Out of sight, out of mind.
  2. Deny Hell. Logically, it would be no surprise if God punishes those who offend Him, but liberals won't admit it.
  3. Encourage materialism. Focus on only tangible things, and before long, that is all there is in a person’s life.
  4. Enforce the theory of evolution and censor any criticism of it.
  5. Strip away self-defense, mentally and physically.
  6. Promote moral relativity.[2]
  7. Foster addiction.
  8. Exaggerate achievements of atheists, and deny achievements inspired by faith.
  9. Eliminate references to God in public life.
  10. Deny how atheism leads to insanity, depression, and worse.

Central to this inculcation of atheism is a denial of any bias in promoting it.


  1. The level of atheism is heavily influenced by culture. The former communist East Germany, for example, had one of the highest levels of atheism in the world.
  2. Traditionally called "moral relativism," a more accurate term today is "moral relativity" due to the way it is taught.