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47 million Americans without health insurance lie. Americans have been told that we need universal healthcare because it is unacceptable to allow 47 million to go without health insurance. This Liberal myth is repeated often by the mainstream media and by Barack Obama. Yet, this figure is purposely warped to promote an idealogical agenda of liberals. The reason, politicians can't pass government-controlled healthcare if only 15 million are uninsured. The reality is that America has the best healthcare system in the world. In a nation of 300 million, only 10-15 million are without health insurance. The majority has to give up its' independence for a tiny minority of uninsured.

What the MSM and the White House aren't telling you about that 47 million figure is that there is a minimum of 15 million people who are not U.S. citizens. Another 10 million are of the ages 16 to 30 years old who are fit enough not to want to pay for health insurance. Plus, another 10 million people without health insurance are temporary and get coverage an average 4 months later. The remaining 10-15 million are long-term without coverage.

Every study has shown Americans have better care than their counterparts in Europe and Canada with government-run, single-payer plans. Yet, we are being pushed into the "public option" for our supposed own good. The lies keep moving in the 47 million direction. "We need to reduce health costs." The "public option" will not reduce costs, says the U.S. government Congressional Budget Office. "We need to remove the middleman, insurance companies come between you and your doctor." The fact is that insurance companies are not the bad guys and they are not in between you and your doctor. They only say what they will pay, all, partial, or none. Plus, Americans have the ability to seek arbitration to change the insurance terms, to cover more costs. Government-run health sets up a panel that decides if you can receive the treatment needed. If it costs too much, the government will say no and you have zero recourse.

Obamacare health reform comes with such nonsense as abortion coverage. Americans will pay through the nose from higher taxes to cover costs. The private sector health will be destroyed so that politicians, who have and will have a separate health plan of their own, get more control and power over the citizens. At a time when the nation is broke, deficits projected to hit $2 Trillion, when the government controls Medicaid and Medicare that are insolvent, when American-Indian healthcare and Veteran Administration health is so bad and inefficient- now we must trust the government to get it right this time. Future generation will undoubtedly suffer from this corrupt plan. The elderly will be the hardest hit by this proposal because they cost the most and the government will be pressed to keep costs down. That means the quality of care will be worse, not better, with the government-run option.

Contact your representative and tell them Healthcare Reform is healthcare deformed. Your freedoms will be taken away by an imperial government. Reform government, reform government health, reform tort laws then get back to us. Until then ... hands off our healthcare Democrats.

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