Essay:A Defense of Automation

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I know a lot of people don't support automation.

But I support automation because I believe a society should be allowed to truly progress. Things like automation allow the market to be free. Putting restrictions on automation is like putting restrictions on the market itself. Thus, automation is inherently capitalistic.

I understand that plenty of people believe that technology is coming to take your jobs! But I don't believe that. In fact, I think automation is beneficial for the working class, because it makes their jobs a lot more efficient. Sure, some jobs will disappear. There are no more telephone operators. Should we get rid of smart phones?

Everyone from Tucker Carlson to Bill de Blasio is against automation. They believe it is harmful to working people, disregarding the speed, advancement, and efficiency technology has provided employees of various businesses.

Whether you are a scientist, a doctor, a journalist, an author, a screenwriter, a mountain climber, or a number of other professions, technology and automation have contributed to your fields.

No, I'm not a "technocrat," because that's a meaningless buzzword. But if you want to advance society, or even pull Third-World countries out of poverty, you will have to yield to technology. You will have to yield to capitalism. You will have to yield to automation.