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Teachers unions constantly demand more taxpayer funding in order to reduce the size of public school classes. Much of the additional funding ends up going to administrators and greater retirement pensions for teachers (which are already higher than most other professions). Also, teachers unions are overwhelmingly leftist organizations, and the mantra of "smaller class size" is just a way for them to push for more members and more political power.[1] But the effect of the push for smaller classes distorts education and causes students to lose the following advantages of large class size:

  • better competition with more students
  • more ideas and insights to learn from
  • better experience at speaking in front of large groups with more students
  • less of a problem with cliques, as more students reduce the power of small groups
  • better social opportunities, just as bigger parties are generally better
  • easier to deal with conflicts, as a loss of six or ten students on a particular day has less impact
  • better preparation for the college environment, which tends to have larger class size than high school
  • greater efficiency in the use of educational resources freeing resources for other educational activities

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  1. Public school teachers, many of whom homeschool because they know what public schools are really like, are so indoctrinated about the push for smaller class size that they will insist on it for homeschooling classes.