Essay:Black Men Should Be Angry At The Left

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Black men should be angry at the left. They are taken away from their families as their wives are incentivized with welfare. Thus, many of them grow up without a father. Their significant others are convinced to murder their babies in the womb. Many of them are Christians, and are demonized for practicing their faith and for criticizing abortion (which, as mentions before, murders their babies predominantly) and the LGBT agenda. Many of them are left dead across the streets of Chicago and other liberal strongholds by illegal immigrants and other black men in gang- and drug-related incidents. No-one cares or does anything about this, and in fact the government tries to take their guns away. If they vote for someone who genuinely cares about their issues and wants to help them, they are demonized. They are called Uncle Toms. They are called house Negroes. They are told that they can't think for themselves, and chastised when they try. They are told that that they are too stupid to even handle voting I.D. They are patronized by white liberal politicians, journalists, and both college students and professors. They are told that they can't get into a school or a career on their own, that they require the racist affirmative action system to get by. They are told that the white man hates them. They are told this by white males. White male Antifa. White male 2020 Democrats. White male university professors. White male-dominated CNN and MSNBC. Give in and they give you power. Rebel and they take it away. Give in and they give you money. Rebel and they take it away. Give in and they give you fame. Rebel and they take it away. Go against them and you aren't black. Scream their talking points and preach racial hatred, and your message is screamed from the rooftops and broadcast across the world; you are celebrated as a champion of civil rights. You are cheered on. Be a proud Christian or Jew, you are demonized, shouted down, called homophobic. Object to gay marriage, the same happens to you. Object to the abortion of your babies, you are called a misogynist, and a bigot. You are lied to. You are taught that the police, rather than Planned Parenthood, want to destroy you. You are told deliberate falsehoods about the history of your people. You are taught that the Atlantic Slave Trade was a unique evil, not taught about the Africans who sold your ancestors into slavery. You are not told about the uniqueness of the West's abolition of slavery. In fact, the abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade barely gets a sentence in the history textbooks. You are taught that you are weak. You are taught that any one of you who ever tried to be strong was misguided. You are told that Martin Luther King, Jr. supported socialism. No one tells you he was pro-life. No-one tells you he was a conservative. No-one tells you LBJ said, "I'll have them n****rs voting Democrat for 200 years!" No-one tells you that Democrats supported slavery, Democrats founded the Confederate States of America and the Ku Klux Klan, Democrats supported Jim Crow, Democrats supported segregation, Democrats opposed civil rights. When you find out, you are told that the parties switched. The parties never switched. It's the Dems. It's always the Dems. Black men should be angry at the left, because despite the establishment's lies, they don't give one single iota about them.