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I have to admit, that strangely, I partially agree with Conservapedia on the use of CE and BCE. And it has nothing to do with Christianity or even Conservatism. I have no problem with individuals using CE and BCE if they are used to it. But I have a problem of systematically replacing BC/AD with BCE and CE to make it more "inclusive"... This idea that if we are not of a particular religion, we can pretend that that religion never had any cultural influence is a LIE. We cannot pretend that Islamic culture never had influence on the Islamic world, in the same way we cannot pretend that Christian culture had no influence on the Western World. Now, the person might not be a Christian and as I said, I have NO problem with individual people using CE and BCE in their writing. But not as a systematic way to purge BC/AD... I mean we use Wednesday (Woten's day, Woten or Odin a Norse God), Thursday (Thor's Day, Thor a Norse God), and Saturday (Saturn's day, Saturn a Roman God), and none of us have a problem with admitting the part that pagan cultures played in our development. So while I do not see a problem with individual people using CE and BCE if they so wish, I have a problem with an attempt to change BC/AD. What do you guys think?