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Liberalism and atheism have over the last few centuries done tremendous harm to humanity. Atheism and liberalism have devalued god and the consequences have been immense the actions of Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Kim Jong Il, and Mao stand as only a few of the most egregious examples of this evil. Matthew 7:16 says that, "You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?" What have been the fruits of atheism and liberalism? Mass murder, ripping babies from wombs, the mocking of sacred institutions, and so much more. These are the fruits of the devil, these are his ends. We need only flip on a television, open a newspaper, or log onto the internet to see the challenge's that face Christians.

How are we to contend in a world that is increasingly hostile to us? First, we must place our faith in god. God is more powerful than any challenge we could possible face, we must always remember that in times of frustration. We must look to him for guidance and strength. Second, we must come together. We cannot water down our beliefs or compromise our values to find common ground with those in thrall to the devil. The internet gives the faithful around the world an unparalleled opportunity to come together, Conservapedia is a big part of this. We must make our voice heard, and make the truth known, without compromise. Third, we must bring the battle to them. When we hit atheists and liberal hard they fold because they know how flimsy their arguments are.

We should not underestimate the challenge we face, 50 years ago those engaged in deviant behavior were often arrested for sodomy, today some people want the government to grant homosexual couples marriage licenses. But with God at our back and in our heart these challenges should spur us to greater effort not despair. I was hoping the Conservapedia community might help me brainstorm ways to get Christian conservatives online (and hopefully editing Conservapedia), and conversely how do we challenge the twin devils of atheism and liberalism. Conservapedia is already doing a great job at this, does anyone have any idea's on how to kick it up a notch?

Idea's to promote Christianity and conservatism on the internet

  1. We should do more outreach programs to help people get online. For instance going to church's and teaching people how to edit Conservapedia would be great.
  2. We could make an effort to promote Conservapedia in fertile ground like tea party forums, and religious blogs.
  3. Have we ever tried inviting people like Vox Day to contribute? Some popular contributors would add great content and bring traffic.

Idea's to challenge atheism and liberalism online

  1. We should invite prominent atheists and liberals to come get demolished in debates here on Conservapedia. If they won't debate it will be one more sign of their cowardice.
  2. Some editors like Conservative and those editing the "in the news" section, on the main page, have had excellent success taking atheists to task. We should keep it up, and step it up. There are so many good targets it is a little intimidating. But if anyone has ideas as to where a blow would really hurt...
  3. We could to do more to go after media companies who promote liberal and anti-Christian values.
  4. Post liberal assertions and refute them. That way, whenever someone inserts a liberal talking point into an article, another editor refutes that point. Simply reverting such edits only arouses cries of "censorship!" and lends credence to the liberal world view. Naturally, we do not want to fall victim to the balance fallacy, but we must also consider that on occasion opposing viewpoints may need to be taken seriously, if not for ourselves then for others to learn from.