Essay:Current TV is a failure

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Current TV which is the brainchild of liberal global warming alarmist and former Presidential candidate Al Gore has not had an impressive showing. Gore originally intended the network to be a showcase of viewer submitted and interactive material. After this failure, he wanted to remarket it as a traditional cable news network. This started with the hiring of Keith Olbermann whose MSNBC show was canned. His reruns were played half the day on the network. Soon, internet star Cenk Uugyr got his show. Then former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm got a show. Olbermann was fired because he was so hard to work with. Eliot Spitzer gets a show. A morning lineup of simulcasts of Bill Press and Stephanie Miller surface. He has a weekday lineup. But, his ratings are minute compared to those of Fox News and even liberal counterpart MSNBC. Olbermann at his height got just shy of 100,000 viewers, compared to his MSNBC ratings of over a million and Bill O'Reilly's five million give or take.