Essay:Eastern Empires vs Western Empires

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In the Course of the twenty first century a certain bias has been done by the empires of the east and west. an example is that while the Eastern Empires are seen as lights of civilization and enlightenment, as well as being seen as way ahead of their time, Western Empires are seen as backwards and barbaric. Another example is that while the Conquests of Eastern Empires is seen in a relatively positive light as necessary or incredible (such as the Islamic Conquests of the Middle Ages), the conquests of Western Empires are demonized as unjustified and evil (like the European Colonization of the Nineteenth Century). Finally while Eastern Empires are given a pat on the back for being tolerant of their multi-ethnic subjects (completely ignoring things like the Jizya and the allowing of slavery) Western Empires are criticized for treating their ethnic minorities cruelly,despite the fact that the Western Empires were the first to abolish slavery and serfdom, and (like the case of the British Empire) were given a lot more autonomy.