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Global warming is the number one issue for environmentalists, standing ahead of such humanitarian concerns as clean drinking water, nutrition,[1] and disease prevention.[2] Although scientists generally associate increased warmth with higher crop yields and milder weather, environmentalists insisted that Europe, America, and the rest of the industrialized world ratify a global warming treaty. Why?

Supporters of a treaty known as the Kyoto Protocol are also supporters of the global warming theory that modern human activity is causing most of the recent rise in air temperature around the world. Opponents of that theory are also opponents of the treaty.

Each side in the issue accuses the other side of politicizing the science. Which side is being honest?

William Gray said,

If you don't know anything about how the atmosphere functions, you will of course say, 'Look, greenhouse gases are going up, the globe is warming, they must be related.' Well, just because there are two associations, changing with the same sign, doesn't mean that one is causing the other."


  1. Millions of people die from starvation every year.
  2. Over one million people die every year from malaria

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