Essay:Evidence for Electoral Fraud in the 2008 Presidential Election

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Considering the landslide victory won by Barack Hussein Obama in the 2008 election, despite being well to the left of the average American voter leads to the conclusion that special circumstances must have been involved. Some of these are likely a reaction to the liberal media's constant attacks on President George W. Bush and the attempt to pretend that he, and not John McCain was Obama's opposition. Others, however, point to a more sinister explanation.

"Mistakes" by ACORN

  • Attempting to register a 7-year-old girl as a voter in Connecticut.
  • 30,000 felons were allowed to vote in Florida.
  • In Florida, over 60% of registerations from ACORN had already been registered.
  • Several dead people registered to vote in Texas.
  • 24,000 felons were allowed to vote in Washington.
  • In Indiana, a little under half of 5000 registrations were found to be false.
  • Duplicate registrations found in Florida.

Obama's Actions

  • Obama refused to intervene in an obviously rigged election in Iran, presumably in fear that some would question his own victory.
  • The fact that Obama formed his transition team before the result was announced. Did he know ahead of schedule?
  • The refusal to present a birth certificate to assure voters of his eligibility constitutes fraud of the Constitution.