Essay:Free Trade Depends on Morality

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This essay is an original work by Aschlafly. Please comment only on the talk page.

It is often said that free enterprise is a more moral system than communism and other alternatives. But more important is how free enterprise also depends on a solid moral foundation, and that is lacking in China’s trade with the United States.

Maximization of profits without morality leads to substituting unsafe ingredients for more expensive ones in producing goods. In global trade, the likelihood of prosecuting this crime is nil, and only the morality of the producer protects the American public against criminal acts by suppliers.

So-called "free traders" fail to appreciate that free trade with a nation that lacks a Judaeo-Christian heritage or meaningful accountability inevitably leads to cheap, harmful products. Companies halfway around the world that can get away with substituting a cheaper, dangerous ingredient for safe one will do exactly that.

A business owner who lacks moral scruples might decide to increase his profits by lower costs at the expense of safety, and many Chinese producers have been doing exactly that. These are not accidents or oversights as the public might think; rather, these are predictable examples of maximizing profits in the absence of accountability or American morality.

Don't think for a minute that the Chinese are going to stop their deadly practice of substituting harmful ingredients for more expensive, safe ones. Free trade with a nation that lacks American morality is an invitation to immoral profit maximization.