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Only love can set us free from the bonds that tie us to Satan. Only when people are loved - and really feel that love - will they be willing to enter into a relationship with so authoritative a Being as our Creator and Heavenly Father. We rebel because we don't feel - or believe in - his love. The opponents who brag of their rationality are actually irrational when they reject this love. They fear a chimera. They have distorted the attributes of God into a monster to be shunned at all costs.

A major obstacle to perceiving the love of the invisible God is that we cannot see Him. We must have faith, and many who pride themselves on their rationality have difficulty with faith. Trusting in His commandments is especially difficult for some; the first temptation Satan gave humanity undermined that trust. (Genesis 3:1-5)

God wants us to become like Him (Matt. 5:48), but Satan has been opposing this.