Essay:Hillary's Strategy to Win

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This may be Hillary Clinton's approach to win the Democratic nomination, and then become the first woman president of the United States:

1. Refuse to appear at the Democratic convention or endorse Barack Obama unless the Michigan and Florida delegations are seated with full voting rights. Obama's supporters have no option but to consent.

2. With this display of power by Clinton, her strength grows among delegates.

3. She obtains a huge endorsement from Al Gore, John Kerry, or Joe Lieberman, in exchange for her promise to support them in 2012 or give them a key post if elected.

4. She starts to "punish" politicians who stand in her way, as in cutting off funding by Emily's List or encouraging it to support opponents against them.

5. She starts a whisper campaign to pressure Barack Obama into considering an offer to be her Vice Presidential running mate, without ever actually offering it, which then acclimates people to wanting Obama to compromise for the good of the party.

6. She wins after many ballots.