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14 Things that Expose the Democrats and their Racist History

In modern day leftist politics, there exists an illogical way of "defaming" your opposition. It's simple, and for some reason very effective. You just call them racist. Who'd-a-thunk-it? Now, at the same time, we've heard of psychological warfare tactics that come in the form of "blame them for what you do". A reverse-psychology of sorts; because if you blame somebody of something, there's a 100% chance that you don't/didn't do the same thing, right?... Wrong, this is an overplayed tactic that the left has been using for sometime (as long as I can remember). It actually resembles more of a subconscious defense mechanism deployed by the mentally unstable because of their lack of ability to argue with Truth on their side.

The reason I make this point of the underlying "game" that is being played is because we have empirical evidence presented to us in our very own History books of the big lie that is being portrayed on us. The left has and is blaming the right for the very thing that their party has obsessed on since the mid 1800's. Where-as the Republican Party, has historically been in favor of virtually all anti-racist laws.

The List

  1. 1857: Democrat Supreme Court Justices ruled that slaves are not citizens and could not expect protection from the federal government. The final tally was 7-2, the only votes in favor of the slave were Republicans, all of the the votes against the slave were Democrats. [1]
  2. 1863: Abraham Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation stated that all slaves were now to be free. Lincoln was assassinated 6 days after the Civil War by a Democrat named John Wilkes Booth.
  3. 1864-1869: Amendments 13-15; outlawed slavery (Amendment 1), made citizens of people who were born in the US, protected all citizens from unfair treatment by the states (Amendment 2) and protected citizens right to vote regardless of race and color (Amendment 3). All of the votes, House and Senate, including revisions, were split down party lines- Republicans in favor of, Democrats against.
  4. 1865: The Black Codes, created by the Democrats, these codes prevented blacks from things like owning businesses, owning property and voting. [2]
  5. 1866: The KKK, another Democrat creation, formed as a "military like" presence to combat radical Republicans, enforce black codes and terrorize anyone who opposed their ideology (sound familiar). [3]
  6. 1870's-1965: Jim Crow Laws, created by Democrats, basically a continuation of the Black Codes. Included things like segregation and played a part in restricting jobs and education.
  7. 1860's-1920's: Lynchings, used by the KKK as a way to strike fear into the hearts and minds of mainly black Americans and others who opposed their ideology.
  8. 1871: The Enforcement Act, not one Democrat voted for this bill that would punish violence perpetrated by the KKK. The bill did pass, however President Cleveland (another Democrat) repealed most of the bill roughly 15 years later. [4] [5]
  9. 1922: Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill did eventually pass but was filibustered by Democrats.
  10. 1960: Civil Rights Act, set forth for voter protection had a 78% Democrat disapproval rating determined by vote. [6] [7]
  11. 1964: Civil Rights Act, would end discrimination regardless of race, sex and religion, also provided more voter protection. Roughly 33% of Democrats voted against compared to roughly 19% of Republicans who voted against. Democrats also filibustered for 60 days.
  12. 1963-1969: Lyndon Johnson, he was quoted as saying "I'll have them n*ggers voting Democrat for 200 years" around the same time that he passed his infamous "Great Society" bills, which consisted of welfare, assisted housing and other programs of that nature. We'll discuss the "Great Society" and it's harm to mainly black Americans but also to poor folks of every color a little later.
  13. 1996: Hillary Clinton made a comment that inner-city blacks are super-predators and should be brought to heel. [8]
  14. 2018: Many Democrat talking heads made derogatory remarks about Kanye West after he visited the White House to talk with President Trump. One labeled Kanye West as a "token negro" and another said "Kanye West is what happens when negroes don't read." [9]

Wow, this list has some major talking points that should be answered for by Democrat leaders, especially the ones making the baseless claims that Conservatives are racist. Keep in mind, the only opposition that Democrats had since the mid-1800's is the Republican party; meaning that Democrats were basically always against the equal treatment of black Americans and on the contrary, Republicans were basically always for the equal treatment of black Americans. But now, with the wave of a magical wand, Republicans are racist.

Let's discuss this magical wand a little bit.

The Supposed Switch

This argument relies heavenly on the assistance provided to the poor, which in the days of it's passing were predominantly black Americans. During Lyndon Johnson's term, he passed a set of programs called "Great Society." These programs were set in place and often referred to "a hand, not a handout". The wording in this reference is important because everybody between now and the beginning of time knows that if you want to help a man, you teach him how to fish, you never just give him fish (although we would agree, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of help for someone in need, for a short amount of time, if it is wise). This was common knowledge back then just as it is now.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these bills were an attempt to help the poor, keyword being attempt. Laws like these have been implemented in Europe in the past (Poor Laws), but none-the-less this was a trial. Again, an attempt to help the poor rise out of poverty by providing them some assistance while they get on their feet. There is nothing wrong with that, so far. To reiterate again, the laws were to help the poor to become independent productive citizens.

Fast forward roughly 2-3 years, the government had done a study to see how well their assistance programs were going. They wanted to know how many people they had lifted out of poverty and into self reliance, or at least the beginning stages of independence. The find?... less than 1% of the people (50k out of 7.3 million people) on government assistance were capable of leaving the assistance and returning to work.

Mind you, this is a study by the very government who implemented these programs, not by an untrustworthy opponent or an angry rogue polling firm, the actual government. So, despite the empirical evidence of the programs failure, the Democrats decided to continue the assistance programs anyway. The million dollar question is, why? I wonder if Lyndon Johnson's quote "I'll have them n*ggers voting Democrats for 200 years" has anything to do with it?

Let's look at some numbers of decline in the black community in that same time frame compared to numbers prior the assistance programs.

Keep in mind, these laws were passed in 1965.

  • Illegitimate birth rates for black Americans from 1960-1965 had a 4.74% increase. After the programs were implemented, from 1965-1970 the rate raised to 8.61%. The illegitimate birth rate doubled after only 5 years of the programs.
  • Households run by 2 parent families for black Americans from 1960-1965 had a .5% decrease. After the programs were implemented, from 1965-1970 the rate raised to 3.5%. We see here that two parent black families took a big hit only 5 years into these programs.
  • "Poor" income households (households that live below the poverty line) for black Americans from 1960-1965 had raised 7.16%. After the program was implemented, from 1965-1970 the rate raised to 18.56%. This shows us that these programs were actually hurting black American households by more than doubling the amount of poor families.
  • Homicide rate per 100,000 people, for black Americans from 1960-1965 had decreased from 42.4 per 100k to 41.4 per 100k. After the program was implemented, from 1965-1970 the rate went from 41.4 per 100k to 65 per 100k. This shows us that during the time period shortly after the programs, the homicide rate for black Americans went up roughly 50%.
  • Robberies rate per 100,000 people, for black Americans from 1960-1965 had increased from 754 per 100k to 843 per 100k. After the program was implemented, from 1965-1970 the rate went from 843 per 100k to 1419 per 100k. Again we are seeing a huge rise in crime for black Americans.


In the above statistics, we can clearly see the harm that these welfare programs had on these individuals along with the families. These programs, as presented by the evidence, are responsible for the moral breakdown and dependency on the government of black American families. All of major categories that were surveyed showed a decline in behavior and positive attitudes.

Again, to point out the obvious, the anti-poverty laws did not work, and with evidence clearly supporting that claim, the laws were never reversed...why not?

So did this "big switch" ever really happen? It appears that what actually switched was the Democrat strategy towards their ultimate prerogative, whatever that may be. It certainly isn't in favor of black Americans and it positively doesn't mean that Republicans are racist.

Essay written by The Sheebler