Essay:How Conservatism Is Essential to the Future of Christianity

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Every Christian Church that has allowed or embraced liberal ideology has ultimately declined or even vanished. Every country that has been taken over by liberal politics has seen a decline in Christianity. Liberal politics poses perhaps the single greatest impediment to the future of Christianity, independent of its effect on the economy and secular society.

Conservatism is as essential to the future of Christianity as walls are to a fortress. This is true on both a personal level and a national one. Consider the following:

  • Conservatism exposes the misuse of science, economics and medicine against Christianity better than churches do
  • Many people care more about politics (and money and jobs) than about religion, and when there is a conflict they choose politics over religion
  • Politically motivated corruption of religion is anticipated and blocked only by conservatism, such as Obama taking an honorary degree from Notre Dame
  • Only conservatism exposes and debunks liberal deceit, particularly intellectual deceit that is robbing college students of their faith
  • Only conservatism exposes liberal bias
  • Conservatism is more powerful in preventing drug addiction, because conservatism emphasizes law-and-order and exposes the illogic of drug use
  • Liberals control education, and its effect on Christian faith cannot be underestimated
  • Many people, such as former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, convert to Christianity only after hearing conservative principles or witnessing conservative protests[1]
  • one's level of conservatism is highly correlated to how often he engages in Christian prayer
  • conservatism, like Christianity, focuses on the future; liberals, like atheists, focus on a (false) view of the past
  • politics is the tool liberals use to pull teenagers away from their faith, and it takes conservatism to counter that effectively
  • several big threats to faith postdate the King James Bible, such as pornography and gambling
  • politics is pushed on the public through television and radio shows in unavoidable ways, which erodes people's faith if left unrebutted
  • the dynamic nature of conservatism prepares and encourages people to adapt and defend against changing threats to their values
  • conservatism is pro-education, and drives people to higher levels of learning and thereby aids them in combating atheistic falsehoods
  • churches no longer teach the adversarial nature of life (as in the devil), but conservatism emphasizes it (including self-defense)
  • churches are often easily influenced by the media; conservatives are not, recognizing how liberal the media is

There are historical reasons that conservatism is needed:

  • modern government, and the threats it poses to Christianity, did not exist when the Bible was written, so nothing in the Bible that directly addresses it
  • the Bible prohibited creating images in the likeness of humans, modern society ignores that ban, thereby necessitating conservatism to combat modern media
  • modern work and entertainment schedules limit church to once-a-week and sometimes less for most people, while conservatism is 24x7
  • public schools did not exist when religion developed, and conservatism is needed to counter them and provide the truth to students
  • unless addictions are banned -- an approach taken by only a few religions -- conservatism is needed to combat addiction

The pernicious effect of politics on religion helps explain:

  • The changing position of European Catholics on the death penalty
  • The decline of the Southern Baptist Convention[2]
  • The lack of young people in most mainline churches

Liberals use politics to exploit a literal interpretation of a phrase in the New Testament that God chooses the political leaders. Under this interpretation Christians should respect, honor and obey a political leader no matter how liberal or anti-Christian he is.