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Impeach Obama First I want to be clear, I am not interested in impeachment. I do not support impeachment efforts and in fact I am against impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama—more on this topic later. That being said, I see Obama as the worst governing leader since the days of Caligula. I wrote this essay to bring about a discussion of our future.

At Conservapedia, we have exposed Obama since the beginning. At Wikipedia, the liberal mobocracy has promoted Obama relentlessly at the same time discrediting Bush at every chance. They even have a lengthy page detailing the reasons George W. Bush should have been impeached. No such page for Obama even though the same bullet points could be crafted; Justification of the invasion, conduct of the war, treatment of detainees, NSA warrantless surveillance, etc. I challenge readers to craft a page on impeaching Obama and see how long it will last. Wikipedia is dishonest, they pretend to be neutral but they are in fact liberal partisans.

Of the 2 million query results for 'impeach Obama' pages on Google, I am counting on a high listing in search results. An impeach Obama article is bound to increase page views at Conservapedia and fits in well with all the different Obama pages exclusively created here. We don't censor the truth.

Impeachment, like treason, is from a byegone era when the public demanded integrity and honesty from their leaders. The impeachment of Bill Clinton was a joke. A sitting President lies to the nation, than lies under oath in court. A Republican House & Senate could not remove him from office. Today, we have a Republican House and a Democrat Senate. Impeachment is a loser of an idea that will go nowhere. But it begs a greater question, at what point does the President cross the line that gets him removed from office? Obama is pursuing a scorched Earth policy regarding the Constitution. When do we deem the President a threat to the Republic? After we determine his limits under the Constitution, what is our next step? An in-depth public discussion is needed.

I strongly believe the President needs to be removed from office by the U.S. Military and tried under the military court system. At the very least, a plan must be put in place to minimize the Presidents actions following his non-removal but election defeat in November 2012. Under normal circumstances, the new leader is sworn in January 20, 2013. We need an emergency declaration that puts America's new leader in charge days after the election. We can't afford a lame duck presidency to continue his work against America's interests. Fat chance, I know, but we need a discussion now and not in 2012. Am I advocating a military coup? No I am not. The military will not be running America. The only thing the military would do is relieve the President, by the powers invested by the Constitution, of his duties and put others in charge of running the country. That means Joe Biden is in charge, good grief. That is not an equally good vision but nothing, nothing, I repeat nothing can be as bad Obama's leadership.

As others have mentioned, we will survive Obama's presidency. But the millions of people who put this man in power will be a drain on liberty and Democracy for years to come. If Obama is not held accountable, he will be working behind the scenes to impose fundamental transformation. It is a distinct possibility that Obama would entertain an offer to become the leader of the U.N. after his presidency. We can't deal properly with the disfunctioning body now, how much harder will it be with Obama at the helm? Clinton still has his influence and he uses it against America because we failed to deal with his crimes. Every oath-breaking politician needs his day in court and there are plenty of oath-breakers in positions of power. It is past time for allowing politicians to be above the law. It is past time to remove, even the president, when our laws our trampled on.

The Tea Party movement is here to stay for decades if need be. Only after we have seen the last kleptocrat removed from positions of power will the TEA's job be done. To describe it in a nutshell, our constitutional republic is in desperate need of authentic representation and the rule of law. The people have spoken and the change wanted is a leader that leads, not a corrupt ruler that divides Americans into class warfare groups like Chairman Mao. We fight to give the next generation the blessings the last generation gave to us.

God Bless the United States of America.