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Do you see America as a Christian nation?

“Christian nation” is a vague term used more by liberals than by conservatives. Liberals like to use this term to claim that America is no longer a “Christian nation.” But our Constitution has not changed, and it was undeniably established by Christians based on Christian principles. America is also undeniably more Christian today than almost any other country in the world, having high church attendance and Bible study. To those who use the term to criticize it, I ask this: if America is not a “Christian nation,” then what is?

Do you believe that moralistic laws have a place in American society? Why or why not?

Laws are almost always moralistic. There is no way around it. Laws against torturing animals, for example, are based on morality. Liberals don’t oppose those laws. They oppose only laws based on Christian morality.

How do you feel about people who oppose moralistic laws?

Anarchists and libertarians are the only ones who oppose moralistic laws. Their view is that anyone should be able to do whatever they want, such as legalizing drugs. Hollywood types take this view. And then a high percentage of them die of drug overdoses. The rest of us, who care about each other, support laws that discourage people from acting in an immoral and hurtful way.

Do you believe that religion’s influence in government has increased or decreased from 1900 to today?

Atheism is more powerful in public schools and other government monopolies now than it was in 1900. But alternatives are also more popular, such as homeschooling.

Overall, do you think that moralistic laws have benefited society throughout the 20th century and today?

Yes. Many people are alive today because of moralistic laws. They wouldn’t even exist otherwise.

Do you believe that laws influenced by religion or moralistic laws are constitutional?

Yes, of course. The Post Office closes on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath. That doesn’t violate any clause in the Constitution. There are thousands of other constitutional examples.

Feel free to add anything else that you think is relevant to the topic.

Don’t fall for the deception of the libertarians who pretend that morality should be censored and excluded from government. There are countries, and societies in this country, where morality is less important than in America. You wouldn’t like living there. One day you’ll know someone who loses his health or his life because he embraced a “do whatever you want” approach. It happens weekly in the Hollywood culture. If the libertarian himself is able to escape the addiction that is encouraged by his attitude, he won't be able to escape the despondency that results from advocating something so hurtful to others.