Essay:Parallels between evolution and global warming

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This essay is an original work by Ed Poor. Please comment only on the talk page.
Evolution has occurred, according to scientists as well as Old Earth Creationists. The question is what caused it. OECs say God personally intervened, while supporters of naturalistic evolution say that natural forces alone can account for it.

Global warming has occurred; air temperature has risen one degree Fahrenheit since the end of the Little Ice Age in the late nineteenth century. What environmentalists and real scientists disagree on is the cause.

Another interesting parallel is the way supporters of the liberal viewpoint scramble up the phenomenon and the cause. They speak about belief in "evolution" in a way that frequently fails to distinguish between (a) accepting that simpler forms of life appeared first and (b) believing that natural forces alone are enough to account for this. Likewise, environmentalists speak of "global warming" in a way that makes no distinction between the Modern Warming Period and the theory that mankind caused most of it.

When liberals ask, "Do you believe in evolution (or global warming)?" they don't want to entertain any discussion of cause and effect. They just want you to say that you agree with the whole package (and are one of them) or that you disagree (and are therefore some kind of simpleton or bad guy).

Relation to "Gay Rights" movement

Another snarl word is homophobia. Advocates of homosexuality use the term in two ways:

  1. any opposition to homosexuality (broad sense)
  2. opposition to homosexuality which is based on a literal phobia: irrational fear or hatred

Common tactic

So the common tactic in all three major liberal issues is:

  • Create a term with a general meaning and a specific meaning
  • Alternate seamlessly between general and specific usage

The result is that most people blend the general and specific meanings in their minds and are unaware of the contradiction; see Orwell's doublethink.

And they say *we* are deceptive!