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Conservapedians are increasingly making media appearances and it is helpful to have an inventory of "soundbites" suitable for the relatively brief moments of time on radio and television for expressing ideas. Here's a start:

  • Conservapedia is a powerful learning source on the internet that is free from liberal bias and gossip, and is concise in conveying information.
  • Writing an encyclopedia is a much better way to learn than reading one. You can do that on Conservapedia.
  • The best of the public is better than any group of experts. That's the spirit of the Olympics: let the best competitor win. World records are set that way.
  • Don't just watch other people exercise, but exercise yourself. Don't merely read books, but write also. 200 years ago, most people wrote beautiful letters and diaries and books.
  • Isaac Newton translated parts of the Bible, and considered this effort to be the source of his scientific insights. He also said that everyone else he knew who translated the Bible had marvelous additional insights. You can obtain that benefit on Conservapedia.
  • Conservapedia uncovers and conveys the original intent in history, in the Constitution, and in the Bible.
  • Conservapedia avoids the censorship of conservatism that plagues other sites, such as Wikipedia.
  • Conservapedia is the best site for recognizing liberal bias in education.
  • George Orwell said: "all issues are political issues." Conservapedia recognizes that liberal bias infects science, the Bible, and everything else.
  • Economics is very hard to learn when taught with a liberal bias. But it's easy to learn in a conservative way: a bigger government means more interference with the free market, and less jobs.

Q & A

  • Why not Wikipedia? Wikipedia is the house of atheism on the internet. It's television in black and white. Volunteers are abandoning it like rats fleeing the Titanic.
  • What are examples of bias in Wikipedia? Wikipedia censors criticism of liberal science, like evolution or global warning. Wikipedia refuses to give credit to Christianity, and even uses "Common Era" rather than "A.D." for dates.
  • How is Conservapedia better? Conservapedia broke the story about climategate on its Main Page on the very first day: November 19th. It took the liberals at Wikipedia over two weeks to give priority to this shocking revelation, and even now its entry tries to downplay the corruption.
  • Isn't the balkanization of news sources a bad thing? No, it's good thing. Society is decentralizing. This enhances freedom. We don't all use the same email address, the same restaurant, or the same barber.
  • What have you learned on Conservapedia? I've learned that the shape of pretzel is in imitation of arms folded in prayer, and that the first official Thanksgiving was in gratitude for the Constitution.
  • What has Conservapedia achieved? Conservapedia broke the "climategate" story about the political corruption of science in global warming. Conservapedia also points out errors in scientific journals run by liberal so-called experts.
  • How have students on Conservapedia done? They've gone on to top colleges and also earned many scholarships. Writing on Conservapedia is a much better way to learn than reading biased textbooks.
  • Which is one of your favorite entries? Liberal style. It's easy to identify a liberal simply by looking at his high talk-to-substance ratio. A Conservapedian even wrote a computer program which confirmed this.
  • What is a conservative approach to science, language, translating the Bible, etc? The conservative approach is to respect the data, the original intent, and the logic without distortion by atheism, liberal love of position and control, and political correctness.
  • Facts are facts, and how can you take information or facts and view them from a conservative point of view? That begs the question of what the facts are. As we've just seem in climategate, the scandal concerning liberal claims of global warming, just getting the facts is a challenge when liberals control the data.
  • If you go out assuming that the facts will conform to conservatism, then aren't you potentially biasing everything you write about? Conservatism is logic, so I'm worried about it being contradicted by anything. Emphasizing logic helps understand the facts better. Conservatives have an open mind and respect the honest facts and original intent.
  • Does Conservapedia reject evolution? Conservatives have an open mind, but there are about 40 counterexamples to evolution, such as the beauty in nature. Evolutionists deny the existence of beauty, but it is everywhere.