Essay:Teaching Closed-Mindedness

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Central to the liberal agenda is indoctrinating the younger generation and training them to be liberals or even atheists. An essential part of this agenda is inculcating an attitude of closed-mindedness so that the youngster will not recognize and accept the truth when he encounters it.

The basic tools of teaching closed-mindedness include:

  • insisting that nearly everything is known, contrary to Isaac Newton's approach that we know almost nothing
  • bullying, disparaging and ridiculing students until they accept preposterous liberal viewpoints
  • demonizing conservatives while misrepresenting their positions
  • censoring opposing views, such as classroom prayer, meaningful debates, and dissenting views at school and college
  • training students to accept what a majority of people think, and then misleading them about what the majority do think
  • trying to make it appear "cool" to take a particular (liberal) position
  • over-emphasizing unchangeable things like race, and exaggerating the existence of scarcity
  • denying that illogical, atheistic viewpoints result in mental problems
  • presenting theories (such as evolution and anthropogenic global warming) as established facts
  • teaching youngsters that it is "open-minded" to be liberal and censor the other side
  • trying to silence and deter criticism of liberal behavior by accusing the critics of being "conspiracy theorists"
  • indoctrinating college students through professors

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