Essay:The Logic of Hell

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Jesus emphasized Hell more often than Heaven. The most powerful sermon of the 18th century was Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Yet today rarely, if ever, does anyone hear any serious mention of Hell. As Hell has disappeared from discourse, crime and resultant injustices have predictably filled the social vacuum.

Talk of Hell was phased out in the self esteem movement, where parents and leaders began to worry more about the happiness of those in their charge than the productivity or satisfaction. Unsurprisingly happiness has not become more common, but dissatisfaction has risen.

The logic of Hell is simple: God can and does punish those who offend, ignore, irritate, or exclude Him. There is no denying His power to do so, and there is no logical reason to expect Him not to. Even the most civilized societies impose harsh punishments on wrongdoers, and it is only logical to do so. Indeed, the more civilized a society, often the harsher its punishment of those who inflict injustice (such as crime) on others or themselves. A just society is simply impossible without harsh punishment for wrongdoing, and it is logically absurd to deny the very real existence of Hell.

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