Essay:The lie that we are safer under Obama

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At this time in history, the people still grumble how bad President Bush was. There maybe a hint of truth to that but for the most part President Bush was a normal president having good and bad decisions. Besides him being the staunchest pro-life president ever, a liberator of millions, he was in fact good at keeping America safe from future terrorist attacks, it is undeniable.

The biggest hurdle for Democrats in the '08 elections was overcoming their perceived weakness on national security issues and for good reason. They earned their lumps for treating terrorism as a law enforcement issue under the jurisdiction of the courts. Their wimp actions dealing with Al Qaeda after the embassy bombings in Africa and their non-action over the bombing of the USS Cole helped set the stage. They flip-flopped and followed the polls when it came to war. Their big media supporters looked like fools attacking General Petraeus or exposing top secret terrorism programs in print. Democrats won the presidency and all branches of government not by being strong on national security but by projecting a better plan. The Democrats insisted on cutting our losses in Iraq and retreating, they were wrong. They insisted on not supporting the commander-n-chief. They insisted the surge would fail and didn't even give it a chance. When signs of progress were made, they proclaimed America's action a failure, they proclaimed the surge a failure. Sadly, these people who were so wrong are now in-charge of policy. I feel safer already.

The politics of appeasement came into being with Obama as leader of the free world. We will now talk with our enemies after we have branded them evil. So, no concessions and a new policy will some how make us liked? This has emboldened our enemies. The same enemies who have never compromised their stance by continuing to support terror do not see an America that will sacrifice for the oppressed like in the recent past. They see and hear an Obama speech apologizing for our faults. Our enemies now laugh off the carrot and they know the stick will not be used against them.

Then there is the case Obama tries to make that we are safer if we close GITMO. Again, a theory that is steep in ignorance. Before we had a detention center, we were attacked on 9/11. The same reasons we were attacked then is the same reason they will attack us in the future. GITMO is all but a distraction and means absolutely nothing, changes not a single mind of those who hate the USA.

We have Obama proclaiming that we are investing in a 21st-century military that runs counter to what Bush did. By investing, or I would argue, cutting military spending is not going to help secure America now or in the future. At a time of war, America has cut back F-22 fighter program. In addition and more dire, the administration plans to scale back missile defense. Everyday, dictators and tyrant rogue governments increase their capacity for weapons of mass destruction. How does scaling back missile defense keep us safer?

Lastly, Obama has unclassified CIA terror intelligence for the world to read. The third most powerful member of government brands the CIA as liars. In a little over 100 days of this presidency, the CIA has been neutralized and handicapped to the extent that intelligence of the America government has been severely downgraded. Not to mention putting Podesta in charge of an agency when he had no prior intelligence work in his resume. The very people we need to help us stay safe is seriously in damage mode. This is not going to help us and the only thing it does is hurt us. Now we must trust that good will come out of all this.

We are now LESS safe than we were just a year earlier. No matter how many former generals testify in the media to the contrary, we know we are less safe. Only time will tell if the vulnerabilities mentioned will severely cost us. The devastation of the next major attack, the inability to stop the next major attack, the credibility of the government after the next major attack is a huge gamble that me, my family and the rest of America are stuck with these next four years. Throw into the mix a government willing to increase the death of innocents in the womb and the Bible clearly lays out the consequences 'God warns in His word that a nation that sheds innocent blood will not prosper' -Deuteronomy 19:11-13