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Despite the bias on Wikipedia, there are some valuable uses for it:

  1. Wikipedia is useful to determine what the liberal viewpoint is. For example, in writing Essay:Adultress Story it helped to see how the Wikipedia entry defends the story, despite its rejection by the New International Version of the Bible.
  2. Wikipedia is useful for referring liberal editors to another place where they can post material that violates rules on Conservapedia, such as gossip, obscenity and liberal opinion. Instead of simply saying "no", a more diplomatic denial can refer the editor to Wikipedia as a place for such material.
  3. Wikipedia is useful for watching how a website attempts to boost traffic based on the search algorithms employed by Google. Overuse of linking, which is distracting to readers, helps boost placement in its search engines. As only a small percentage of Wikipedia users go there first to look for information, Wikipedia (unlike Conservapedia) is overwhelmingly dependent on search engine referrals.
  4. Wikipedia is useful for watching liberal vandals communicate with each other there about how they try to harm Conservapedia in order to attempt to censor a conservative message.
  5. Wikipedia is useful for studying how liberals deny that they have any bias or even a liberal point of view.
  6. Wikipedia is useful for seeing how a multimillion-dollar for-profit project (Wikia) attempts to profit from a volunteer, not-for-profit project (Wikipedia).