Essay:We Love You Finland!

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Lake Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland.

According to the website traffic tracking company Alexa the second most popular country for Conservapedia readership is Finland.[1] According to Alexa as of October 5, 2008, an amazing 6.9% of Conservapedia's readership is from the country Finland (United States citizens are the biggest readers of Conservapedia which is not surprising since Conservapedia started in the USA and is currently only offered in the English language).

Considering that the UK has a high percentage of English speakers and that the UK has about 12 times the amount of the people of Finland, the fact that Alexa ranks the Finnish as the second highest percentage of Conservapedia readers is quite remarkable. Alexa states that as of October 5, 2008, 5.2% of Conservapedia's readership is from the UK which makes citizens of the UK the third largest readership of Conservapedia. [2]

I largely wrote three articles which have been viewed quite a bit at Conservapedia (atheism, evolution, and homosexuality). I also contributed quite a bit to Conservapedia's Christian apologetics and Christian legal apologetics articles. So I want to thank the Finnish for telling their friends about Conservapedia.

I would like to end this essay by simply stating to Conservapedia's Finnish audience the following on behalf of my fellow Conservapedians: We love you Finland!

For those people who have never heard the national anthem of Finland you can do so HERE.

(The above essay was written on October 5, 2008. The figures in the supporting footnotes for the above article may have changed by the time you read this article.)