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While many topics discussed by are family-friendly, the tile and banner ads are not. I would post a screen-capture, but it would not meet this website's standards.

For example, on June 30, the following were displayed:

  • "Try not to gasp when you find out who Anderson Cooper's partner is" [hint it is not a woman]
  • "13 stunning weather girls who have gone viral" [with a photo of a woman with very large breasts]
  • "30 Amish facts that will make your skin crawl" [with a photo of a lady with a very fat neck]
  • "Full body tattoos 10-40 years later" [with a photo of a young lady bearing her shoulder]
  • "Joanna Gaines' Double Life Puts Her At The Center Of HGTV's Biggest Scandal" [a clickbait ad that takes one to a fake news site with misused "People Magazine" logo at the top]
  • "12 Things Americans are Shocked by in Europe" [website Travelabuzz with photo of urinals]
  • "He Hid From People For 27 Years: Now They Finally Caught Him" [website Direct Expose]
  • "20 Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster" [Trend Chaser website]
  • "Russia's New Helicopter Is Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Film" [website]
  • "25 Hottest Cars Of All-Time" [website SheBudgets]
  • "How To Retire On Big Tobacco Payout" [website Money Morning]
  • Wife Visits Husband With Dementia, When Son Walks In He Stops Cold In His Tr… [website Scribol]
  • There’s A Good Reason Why This Lion Did Not Eat Her [website IG Critic]
  • "Man Turns $50,000 into $5.3 Million (Here's How He Did It)"
  • "How your soul dies" [website]

On August 8, featured:

  • a photo of a woman cropped just below her neck, so that the reader could not determine what clothes she was wearing, and the caption, "10 Actors that actually did it on screen."
  • a photo of a woman wearing a revealing dress with the caption "15 Outfits that Mom Needs to Stop Wearing"

When a parent allows his young student to use the internet, the mother or father should be able to say, go to an encyclopedia site and read the article and follow the links back to the source articles and read those as well. We all know that the excess adult content make Wikipedia unsuitable for that purpose. These ads on Breitbart are not things to which children should be exposed and encouraged to explore.