Essay:Would We Accept Islam If It Was Less Extreme?

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Let's say that Islam didn't hate Jews and Christians, was pro-Western, pro-capitalist, pro-Zionist, and supported small government. This is a hypothetical. Let's also say that Islam didn't want to kill everyone it disagreed with. Would the West be able to accept it?

Islam is socially conservative. Islamists oppose the LGBT agenda and atheism. They disagree with other religions from a theological standpoint, but let's say, hypothetically, that they didn't demonize members of other religions or people who leave the faith.

We know that, despite the theological disagreements, Jews and Christians have been able to get along incredibly well. Islam has never been able to join in that friendly candour due to being filled with hate- and fear-mongering terrorists.

But let's say that the miniscule population of Islamic reformers achieve great prominence and are able to achieve their goals. All of a sudden, Islamists go from executing homosexuals and correctively raping lesbians to disagreeing with gay marriage and not wanting to be forced to bake a sexually explicit wedding cake for a homosexual couple. They have also, in actuality, taken to the streets to protest the LGBT agenda being taught to children in European elementary schools (this is in real life). All of a sudden, they have gone from forcing women to cover their hair to advocating female modesty and traditional gender roles. Let's say they stop being anti-Christian and anti-Semitic and instead engage in civil theological debates with Jews and Christians. And we know that Muslims encourage traditionalism and nationalism.

I don't like Islam. I believe it is filled with hatred and bigotry. And, ironically, it is the critics of Islam who are accused of hatred and bigotry! But I believe that many Muslims are good people at heart.

If Islam wasn't such an aggressive, authoritarian, Judeo-Christian West-hating ideology, would you support it?

Please put something in the talk page, I genuinely want to know people's opinions. If so many of them weren't terrorists, maybe Islam would be more like Hinduism, Sikhism, or even Judaism! Maybe. Please let me know what you think.