Essay: A Christmas Poem

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It was a month or so before Christmas and all through the land,
Some were boldly taking the stand.
To eliminate the word Christmas seems to be their plot,
Oh, how different from what we were once taught.
Merry Christmas once echoed from sea to sea,
But now inclusiveness is supposed to be the key.
To Muslim and Jew I have no ill will,
But of political correctness I have had my fill.
To say Hanukkah or Ramadan is quite right you see,
But Christmas you don’t hear on TV.
Media ads how they scream out “Hol-a-day”,
But Christmas they dare not say.
Yet the stores how they fill with Christmas decorations galore,
And in doing so miss the message at the core.
Don’t offend others is the cry,
But to Christians this doesn’t apply.
Shove Holiday deep down our throats,
So politicians can get their votes.
To retailers everywhere I say heed the call,
Take back Christmas for one and all,
Tired of being treated as second class,
Christians are urged to revolt en masse.
Politicians and retailers I hope you hear of this view,
For it is time to act on this cue.

Written, November 2005 and published by the