Essay: Biblical creationism will be strong in 2015

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As you can see above, biblical creationism is poised for strong growth in 2015. Creation Ministries International has more scientists on staff than any other Christian ministry and their outreach efforts are being stepped up. In 2016, Answers in Genesis is expected to launch their Ark Encounter.

The large spike in Answers in Genesis's web traffic in the early part of 2014 was due to the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate.

In 2015, the website of Creation Ministries International became one of the top 50,000 websites in the world in terms of their web traffic according to Alexa as can be seen HERE. 2015 is off to a great start. Bible believing creationists, 2015 is our year. Stronger, higher, faster!

2014: A TERRIBLE year for atheism and evolutionism

As you can see HERE, 2014 and recent years were TERRIBLE years for atheism. And interest in the boring ideology of evolution went down in 2014 too and this is part of a long-standing trend as can be seen by THIS GRAPH.

Even in the godless UK, the birthplace of Darwinism, zeal for atheism appears to be falling as can be seen by this graph.

Furthermore, there is a long-standing trend of global creationism rising and global atheism falling in terms of their respective percentage of the world's adherents. In an age of globalization, this is very bad news for evolutionists/atheists and agnostics (see: Global creationism/atheism).

The fall of Darwinism/atheism in the 21st century

When demolishing an obsolete and decaying building, the demolition crew first removes various walls and then they soften the supporting columns. Now that various ideological walls of atheism have been removed and its support is falling around the world, it is time to remove the main support beam of atheism: Darwinism.

The evidential/rhetorical blasts and the billowing ideological dust clouds of Darwinism being destroyed may look chaotic, but pseudoscience building implosion when done properly, is one of the most intelligently designed feats you will ever see!

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