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Evolution is the air supply of atheism. truly prevail against atheism, cutting off the air supply of atheism is crucial.

A number of Christians have written books to combat the recent books of militant New Atheism authors such as Richard Dawkins. For example, there were a number of Christian books published in response to Dawkins' book The God Delusion.

Atheism is a religion. And atheists, time and time again, take away the religious liberty of Christians in order to promote their false religion. Evolution is the air supply of atheism. Directly confronting atheism can be useful. But, the best way for Christianity to prevail against secularism is through preventative medicine. Reaching young people with the gospel and discipling them is a first step. Yet to truly prevail against atheism, cutting off the air supply of atheism is crucial.

The Question evolution! campaign, Creation Ministries International's Fallout video (which educates churches, pastors and parents on the effects of evolutionary pseudoscience on young people) and initiatives like it can reach countless young people before evolutionists indoctrinate them in high school and college. The widespread teaching of evolution is having grave consequences on Western World Christianity and young people are leaving churches in large numbers. In Europe, secularism is rampant.

The direct approach of confronting atheism is important, but the indirect approach of preventing atheism through the cutting off of its air supply is also far more efficient. If Christendom is going to conquer secularism, it makes perfect sense to do so in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Let's cut atheism off at the knees and vigorously spread the biblical creationism in our local communities.

Share internet creationist material

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On February 24, 2015, the Science Nordic website declared:

Creationism, the belief that a god -- not evolution -- shaped life on Earth, is ... spreading in the very stronghold of evolution, Europe. That’s the conclusion of five years of research that’s been put into new book on creationism. The book details how creationism is on the march throughout most of Europe.

"Creationism is most dominant in Eastern Europe and Turkey, but even some schools in the Netherlands are teaching creationism," says one of the book’s authors Hans Henrik Hjermitslev, University College South Denmark. "Politicians in some German federal states are advocating that schools use creationist books alongside those about evolutionary theory in their lessons. This kind of struggle is going on on a small scale in many places."...

"Over the last ten years we’ve seen the emergence of big-city creationism. London is a good example," says Kjærgaar.

Here, noticeably more young people have been signed up to various local and religious groups.

"And this doesn't just apply to young Muslims as many people might think. Christian groups are also recruiting young people...

Creationism has particularly been on the rise in step with the internet, which according to Peter Kjærgaard has made it much easier for people to become activists...[1]

Decline of global atheism and the explosive growth of global Christianity

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In 2011, the American Spectator declared concerning research published in the International Bulletin of Missionary Research:

The report estimates about 80,000 new Christians every day, 79,000 new Muslims every day, and 300 fewer atheists every day. These atheists are presumably disproportionately represented in the West, while religion is thriving in the Global South, where charismatic Christianity is exploding."[2]

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