Essay: Does Barack Hussein Obama care if America defaults on credit?

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Does Barack Hussein Obama care if America defaults on credit? His public message will be to say yes, yes he does care, but his personal feeling is no, no he doesn't care about America's debt rating. I know this with near certainty. Obama is a student of Saul Alinsky and as such, he takes great care to implement fundamental transformation. He has proven that he cannot be truthful in small matters and he should not be trusted in large matters. It's all about the message for Obama, appearance is paramount. A default in credit means that his policy of devaluing the dollar becomes more painful for Americans. When our currency is no longer the reserve standard, Americans lose big. When the Pound Sterling lost the status of the world's reserve currency, its value was reduced by 90%. America's superpower status wanes and our ability to be a positive force for good in the world will be sub-servant to international countries and institutions.

You can ask yourself, why would he want this? My reply is- Does George Soros want this? The answer is yes, Soros does want America to default and he has publicly stated his desires. Soros has a close relationship with Obama so it is evident that he has the president's ear.

Another reason is that the blame game has worked in the past so Obama is confident that any financial crisis can be laid at the feet of those mean Republicans. He can continue to fool his Democrat base that the problems were the result of the last administration and ignore rebukes from the right. A fiscal crisis becomes a campaign opportunity and everyone knows how Obama likes to benefit politically from a crisis.

Exactly 15 months until the 2012 presidential elections, will Mr. Transparency, the great jobs killing president, will he take down America by then? Governor Tim Pawlenty seems to know. He says Obama is satisfied with a second-rate American economy. [1]

We [America] will survive the looming fiscal crisis but hope and change will be replaced with much pain and suffering.


America defaults on its AAA credit rating. Republicans passed Cut, Cap and Balance legislation to save America from defaulting. Obama threatened to veto the legislation if it passed the Senate. Senator Harry Reid called the legislation the worst bill he has ever read. (We all know Democrats don't read bills.) So in conclusion, the credit rating downgrade was avoidable but Democrats insisted on America defaulting. As for Obama's fellow hater of America George Soros, it is rumored he made $1 billion betting on a downgrade. [2] The blame game is in full force for Democrats... it's the Tea Party downgrade. There is no indication that Democrats will change course anytime soon and credit agencies are taking up the Tea Party cause—MORE CUTS—or more downgrades.