Essay: Greed in America

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Hannity, Limbau, and Kidoffy walk into a bar in Georgetown. Hannity says, "I want less Congress." Limbau says, "I want less President." And, Kidoffy says, "Allah a bar."

Why is it when Congress coins the money, Wm. Jen. Bryan -- from the South -- and others invented the Income tax shortly after the Civil War?

The fact is, firing teachers is not the way to lower taxes. Coining money is. That is instead of parroting the campaign speeches of Reagan, like a flock of birds showing up at a bird feeder late.

Lets say Wisconsin charges Congress a franchise tax. How would congress pay? I mean, instead of by taxing. There is one way that I know of. Coin a trillion dollar coin. Deposit it into Congresses checking account. Have armored cars bring it to Fort Knox. Have that on TV.

Then Congress would pay, and that would not be controlling the purse strings. It would be paying an amount Wisconson says it needs.

Lets face it. The sore Plantation owners after the Civil War became anarchists. They wanted to have less U.S. government and more big Plantation.

However, inflation -- as Reagan proved -- is from a high interest rate. He proved that creating money by lending money causes inflation. So, people who claim coining money would cause inflation and forgetting less government causes inflation.

The China talked Nixon into trying wage and price controls because of Vietnam, and those wage and price controls sort of halped stop inflation. In other words, a way to stop inflation would be to outlaw inflation, which could be inforced by cooperation of local government.

Aren't your scared of 30 cent per gallon gasoline costing over three dollars? Well, anyhow I don't know how you're paying it. By more inflation? Bad idea.

Conservative means cautious and not foolish. Therefore, trusting supply and demand to help the bums is not conservative.