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According to the National Peanut Board, American women and children prefer creamy peanut butter, while most American men prefer chunky peanut butter.[1]

Richard Dawkins is rumored to often have intense cravings for creamy peanut butter because he lacks machismo.[2]

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Please also see this video of Richard Dawkins gagging on some creamy peanut butter.

Atheist James Randi and peanut butter

Peanut butter: The atheist nightmare

World's famous chunky peanut butter eaters

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If atheist Richard Dawkins finally agreed to debate Dr. William Lane Craig and a scientist at Creation Ministries International instead of making pitiful excuses, would Hispanic ladies finally believe Señor Dawkins has machismo? [3][4][5][6] Olé! Olé! Olé!

Please see: Does Richard Dawkins have machismo?

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Richard Dawkins in his intellectual bunny hole which unfortunately is his native habitat. Please see: Does Richard Dawkins have machismo?

A messenger trying to give a debate invitation to Richard Dawkins can be seen HERE

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(photo obtained from Flickr, see: license agreement)
When atheist Paul Kurtz was removed from a leadership post of an organization he founded, he described the event as a "shattering blow".[7] Would John Wayne have done likewise? Never! At best, "The Duke" would have said, "It's only a flesh wound." The Bible believer Chuck Norris would have done the same. The sad and ugly truth is that this is yet another example of atheists having no backbone!
Of course, there is really no doubt as to which peanut butter Chuck Norris prefers. He is definitely not a smooth peanut butter consumer.

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