Essay: The Special Interests Candidate

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What do we know about Barack Obama's heart? What is 'Special' to Barack's 'Interest?' A fresh look into who supports Barack Obama and who Barack Obama supports.

There is an old saying, insight into a man can be found in his friends, "You are the friends you keep." Then, just who are Barack's friends? As you may already know, the Democrats have crowned him the embodiment of iconic liberalism, Emperor stature. He is a man that stokes greatness of past Democratic leaders and Obama relies on the achievements of others. The mythical demigod of Democratic John Kennedy Catholic, and Martin Luther King, a Baptist Republican. If you tear down the walls of silence regarding his past, you'll clearly be able to see where Obama came from. Everything having to do with Chicago is the answer to all the questions raised about him. The influence of Chicago crafted his mind. From a nobody to a somebody, someone else always pulled the strings. Unfortunately, the only history we have on Barack Obama's teen years comes from his own book. The media has been silent on those Chicago years. Former Barack acquaintances, teachers, the guy at Barack's favorite Pizza restaurant, nothing, zilch.

Chicago is renowned for it's architecture, arts, it's sprawling Midwest Gotham city of millions. The city that made famous the infamous Al Capone, has been a power broker ever since. The vast size of the government has given rise to literally hundreds of scandals over the years. It has never known to be entirely corruption free in the modern era. The often accused Chicago politic system is run by multi-millionaire Democratic politicians and has been for more than 60 years. Barack Obama entered this power structure in 1996. The Illinois state governor, convicted. Constant accusations against Chicago mayor Daley. Justice system overburdened, crime at public curfew status, public enforcement in disarray. Obama definitely had to work hard to squeeze himself into elite positions within this political system. It has been reported by Fox News that Obama's political circle began with four 'Lakeside Drive Liberals' ladies. These people are Chicago's ultra-rich, leftwing, philanthropists that hold positions of power. Bettylu Saltzman, Chairwoman of the board in Chicago healthcare also connected to politics as Commerce Secretary. She is a hardcore liberal that has tried her damndest to undermine America in Iraq. It was October 2002, months before March 2003 war, Barack Obama gave his anti-Iraq speech at Bettylu's 'Peace Now' rally located in Daley Federal Plaza. Also noted that this time in America as a nation, we were united after September 11th. Just one year and one month after the worst terrorist attack in America, the patriotism of Obama first came into question. It has been said, you can't get into Chicago politics without Bettylu. Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, is a ultra-savvy lawyer of Chicago. She is currently involved with Barack Obama's campaign, and has been for 17 years. Mentioned as a chief of staff choice for an Obama administration. Valerie worked in the Daley administration. She hired Michelle Obama within Chicago's political structure. Most likely the person closest to Obama who has benefited the most from the sub-prime mortgage crises. Fundraiser for Obama's failed House seat, for his winning State seat, for his winning Federal Senate seat. Then there is the ultra-rich billionaire Penny Pritzker. She is an heiress of the Hyatt hotel chain, philanthropist leftwing socialite. Due to her enormous wealth, she can bankroll candidates and liberal initiatives. Last but certainly not least, Sugar Rautbord of Chicago.
"She had the privilege to introduce George Soros to Barack."

Barack Obama is already tainted by the corruption in this city. Long before he was a somebody, he made close relationships with well-known people. Tony Rezko and William Ayars are prime examples of dastardly Chicago greed affecting the community. Imprisoned Syrian-born Rezko, was another corrupt Chicago real estate tycoon. He collapsed his business after millions from the govt. Right under the leadership of Barack's district. A close friend spanning more than 10 years. Barack Obama's own house was purchased thanks to Rezko, at $300,000 below market value. Rezko bought the empty lot right next to Obama's house. William Ayers, fundraiser and anti-American liberal. Naturally, the only place you'll find someone with a resume that includes domestic terrorism, as a professor in Chicago tied to Obama. He was responsible for 'Chicago Annenberg Challenge' that partly controlled $50 million for community development. Barack Obama was the non-profit groups first Chairman. Barack tries to distance himself from these individuals with a single phrase, "Guilt by association" when in actuality, it is "Guilt by participation." His past explanation, "somehow reflects on me and my values doesn't make much sense," it is above his pay grade. Meanwhile, the citizen's needing true government support are pawns to an ideology embraced by Barack. Obama often campaigns as a man for the people when it should be a man of the people. Did he lead as an Illinois state rep for Chicago or of Chicago? What is the result for all Obama's hard work in the community and his government leadership? Some of the worst ghettos in the nation, some of the worst schools in the nation, Cook County the highest sales tax rate of any county 10.25%, state pension funds $44 billion in debt, first six months of '08 murder rate 292 killed, higher than Baghdad. This proves that Obama made zero difference. Obama 'Hearts' money and people with power.

Most everyone knows about Rev. Jeremiah Wright but not everyone knows the religious environment in Chicago. The religious environment in Chicago is rich and powerful. Money has lifted some undeserving people into positions of leadership. Trinity United Church of Christ was built on government funds to help the community, yet it used for dividing Chicago citizens by race. Wright brought Obama from the Chicago streets into the church. Wright mentored him. Wright set his goals, gave him sermons, taught him for twenty-years. Wright became the father figure of a young Obama. He taught Obama about 'Black Liberation' theology. A theology where you rail against oppressors, all the problems of the world leads to white people. Obama can't hide from his 'guilt by association' statements. He claims he was not present when Wright attacked America. He claims he never heard Wright say bad things. Somehow, Barack was listening to the Audacity of Hope sermon. In the name of God, these churches grew to bring in millions upon millions of dollars. In America, Obama has millions of believers. They believe in him because of nice sounding speeches. They believe in him because of the glowing adoration from the mainstream media. Around the globe, they prefer an Obama from Chicago as President. Though the people around the globe don't have America's best interests in mind. When they are not criticizing America, they are discussing an Obama victory. Sounds strange that Muslims everywhere want an Obama presidency. Consider that they don't like non-believers so much. Obama has come out and said he is not a Muslim. Yet, they love him even though he is an infidel, not worshipping Allah. The Muslim's world special interest is to have an American president that is anti-establishment, coming from the heavily Islamic influenced Chicago, that doesn't follow patriots of the past but is a citizen of the world, the united nations of an Obama presidency that will make new alliances with the Jewish state's enemies. Large congregations and wealth, Chicago has a vibrant Islamic community of over 400,000. Over 50 Mosques, many are owned by questionable individuals that are in contact with powerful Islamic people. As an example, Bridgeview Mosque was built out of $1.6 million in donations from the Saudi Arabia government, the religious ministry of the United Arab Emirates and from Kuwaiti donors. As of 2008, it is estimated that 10,000 people worship there each week, a million dollar operation. Shaikh Jamal Said was sent from a University in Saudi Arabia to be the Mosques spiritual leader. He came to Chicago to teach Arabic to African-American Muslims. He ended up coming to America to teach Chicago's African-Americans to hate, hate the oppressor, hate the races, hate America. All this in the same city as Rev. Wright's infamous hate speeches. The Religious elite in Chicago form their own relationships. It maybe Louis Farrakhan the Muslim speaks on behalf of the Baptist Rev. Wright. Or it may be it Catholic Father Pfleger speaks on behalf of Baptist Rev. Wright. Or it may be connections of the Sheik Jamal Said to Rev. Wright. Whatever the associations maybe, maybe Obama 'Hearts' radical thinking individuals.

His view of life in general is a product of his Chicago surroundings. A majority of young African-Americans in Chicago grow up under government housing and welfare assistance. These communities are lands under siege. Gang, drugs, crime infested areas where the police force is overworked. Every corner a liquor store and always in near reach, 70% of the abortion facilities in Chicago's low-income African American communities. The most precious of gifts, a child, is to be snatched away in a sterile abortion clinic. Obama's big city abortion views are preposterous and he has helped defend the grotesque practice. Obama has the generous support from abortion mill operators who lavish praise for their Prince. The benefits of an Obama-Planned Parenthood partnership are none. Yet, Obama is heavily in their corner on ideology. Their continued support conditional, so long as he denounces a Christianity tenet, Thou-shall-not-kill. All major abortion promoters have backed Barack Obama. All major feminist groups such as NOW, endorse Barack Obama even though he pays his women staffers $12,000. less than male staffers. He excuses all abortion critics with comments such as "beyond his pay-grade" or "I am pro-choice, not pro-abortion." The Harvard graduate thinks he can fool by being coy. As a man in power, he consistently opposed partial-birth abortion laws, as does his wife. It was not until he was elected and moved to the nation's Senate, did the Illinois law finally passed protecting children in the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. He has shown not to work across party aisles but to push his wealthy, powerful liberal supporters' agenda. When you are For the people , you are for the families. Barack is for destroying some families. A baby is the family and Obama wants the baby punished. To the average American family, Barack wants you to think he is for your cause. Barack's immediate family is a good reference, doing nothing when it comes to his youngest half-brother George Obama. He lives on $12 per year in a Kenyan shack. Million dollar Barack can't even help his little brother with just $1 a day. All of the Chicago power brokers; the ultra-rich, the religious, the municipal government, and the pillars of liberalism, all say Obama is great because he is in it for their beliefs. Obama 'Hearts' Democratic causes.

The Special Interest Candidate doesn't even tell America who are the lobbyists working in his campaign. Who will be the recipient of an Obama presidency? Barack Obama might be the first individual that buys the highest office on Earth. Eventually, America will know the people surrounding this man. Hopefully, not after the election.