Essay: What is the difference between Joe Stalin and Richard Dawkins?

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Question: What is the difference between Joseph Stalin and Richard Dawkins?

Answer: Unlike the former militant atheist Richard Dawkins, the militant atheist Joseph Stalin did not become an agnostic! See: Richard Dawkins and agnosticism

In 2002, Richard Dawkins advocated militant atheism and said he would not feel anything after death:

Richard Dawkins on militant atheism - video

In 2012, Richard Dawkins said he does not call himself atheist and that he is an agnostic:

Richard Dawkins said he is an agnostic - NOT atheist - video

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"Richard, didn't I tell you that if you studied the origin of life that first you would become an agnostic and then a Christian creationist! By the way, your Ben Stein Expelled interview was a disaster for militant atheism. I wept like a baby while watching the interview." - Joseph Stalin
"Richard, you do know the next step after agnostic don't you? Bible believing Christian creationist." - Shockofgod

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