Eva Peron

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Eva Perón

Eva Perón was the second wife of Juan Domingo Perón, and First Lady of Argentina. She lived from 1919 until 1952 and held the role of First Lady from 1946 until her death in 1952. During her life she founded the Eva Perón Foundation, which worked to provide free health care to citizens, and built houses for the needy.

Born in rural Argentina, she pursued a career in stage, radio, and film beginning at the age of 15. In 1944 Eva met Colonel Juan Perón, and in 1945 they married. Then in 1946 Juan was elected first President of Argentina following a military coup. Over the course of the next six years, Eva became powerful in the Pro-Peronist trade union.

Eva then founded the Eva Perón Foundation, which was the nation's first large-scale female party. Eva Perón really had a desire to run for office as Vice President of Argentina, but opposition from the nation's military elites and her failing health never got her there.

Eva Peron allowed Nazis to hide in Argentina.[1]

Popular Culture

Eva Perón is the subject of the musical Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Although no longer on Broadway, the cinematic version of the show, featuring Antonio Banderas as "Che" and Madonna as "Evita," is an exceptional production of the musical.

  • Memorable lines:
"Don't cry for me, Argentina, for I am ordinary... unimportant. And undeserving of such attention... unless we all are. I think we all are." — Evita
"You let down your people, Evita! You were supposed to have been immortal. That's all they wanted: not much to ask for." — Che