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Evesham (Derivation: Eof’s land in the river bend) is a market town in Worcestershire on the River Avon about 22 km (14 miles) south-east of Worcester. The nearby Vale of Evesham is famous for its plums and asparagus.

The Battle of Evesham was fought just to the north of the town on August 4, 1265 between forces led by Prince Edward (the future Edward I) and Simon de Montfort, 6th earl of Leicester. Simon - whose cause was made almost impossible, first by the capture of his banners from his son, Simon “the younger” in a previous engagement then the sudden desertion of his Welsh cavalry early in the battle - was killed in the battle and his body mutilated. The monks of Evesham Abbey gathered up what they could and buried him.

Reference: Brewer's England and Ireland