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Ex-Muslims are those who were born into, but later decided to leave, Islam. More rarely, it can also refer to one who converted to Islam and later left.

Unlike former Islamic terrorists and cult members, who must go through vigorous re-programming, ex-Muslims realize on their own that Islam is a bigoted ideology rather than a legitimate religion, coming to an awakening. Unfortunately, however, many ex-Muslims become atheists.[1] See: Atheism vs. Islam

Ex-Muslims have been accused by the Left, which frequently sides with and supports Islam, of being "hatemongers" and "bigots".[2] Facebook once caused an ex-Muslim to get the death sentence for blasphemy in Pakistan.[3]

Perhaps the most famous ex-Muslim is Ayaan Hirsi Ali.[4][5][6] In addition, a famous ex-Muslim online political commentator, who condemned the Christchurch mosque shootings,[7] goes by the YouTube name of "Apostate Prophet."[8]

An ex-Muslim, who leaves Islam, is not to be confused with someone who continues to identify as a Muslim while strongly opposing Islamism and radical Islam. Examples of these include Imam Mohamad Tawhidi,[9] Tarek Fatah and Muslims Against M-103,[10] and Dr. Salim Mansur.[11]