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Characteristic of false prophets is that they are denying the just judgement of God. In Biblical terms, they say "peace, peace" when "there is no peace" (cf. Jer.6:14; 8:11 Ezek. 13:10).[1]

Many times false prophets will claim that they had near-death experiences and that their soul left their body and they had an experience with God. Often doing this for popularity, they then wrote a book or movie about it and sell it for money. However, it is possible to see through these lies and deception if one studies the Bible and has knowledge of the scriptures.

Examples of false prophets

Bill Wiese-Claims he went to hell for 23 minutes but gives an inaccurate description of it.[2]

Mark Taylor-claims God told him that Donald Trump would become president in 2016. But he also claimed Republicans would hold the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms. (they lost it) He also said Trump would nominate 5 Supreme Court justices with 1 retiring, 1 dying, and 3 being impeached. Although Anthony Kennedy retired and Antonin Scalia died, Ruth Bader Ginsburg also died, meaning that there were 2 deaths. This disproves his claim.[3]

Alex Malarkey-claimed he went to heaven after a car accident in 2004. Published a book and sold a movie about it before admitting he had lied about it.[4]

Kim Clement-Gave several false prophecies, including one that said by February 16, 2004, Osama Bin Laden would be captured. Bin Laden was not actually captured until 2011.[5]