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Fandex Family Field Guides are a series of factual, paperpack "books" that consist of 50 die-cut, color photographs with brief, encyclopedic entries. They are attached at the bottom by a plastic screw, allowing all 50 cards to be fanned out as needed to see each item. There are currently 22 in print and available wherever books, especially educational ones, are sold. They are published by Workman Publishing Company.

Current titles

  • 50 States by Thomas J. Craughwell
  • Africa by Alex Katis
  • American Indians by a former director of the Smithsonian Institute's American Indian Museum
  • New York City by Cardun Vaughan
  • Washington D. C. by Alex Katis
  • Civil War by Fred W. Kiger
  • Composers by David Bouchier
  • Painters by Cardun Vaughan
  • Explorers by Steven Aronson
  • Presidents by Steven Aronson
  • First Ladies by Carolyn Vaughan
  • Mummies, Gods, and Pharaohs by Kathryn Petras and Ross Petras
  • Mythology by Kathryn Petras and Ross Petras
  • Birds by Michael W. Robbins
  • Butterflies of the World by Rick Mikula
  • Cats by Katryn Petras. Ross Petras, and Tetsa Yamazaki
  • Dinosaurs by Jane Hammerslough
  • Dogs by Steven Aronson
  • Trees by Steven Aronson
  • Wild Flowers by Ruth Rogers Clausen
  • Old Testament by Kathryn Patras and Ross Petras
  • Wonders of the World by Anthony M. Tung (due Aug 2007)
  • Shakespeare by Dan Myerson
  • The Body by Stephen Rudin (out of print)