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The Federal Register (FR) is the daily publication containing all federal government actions, including administrative rules and actions.

The Federal Register is the formal method of communication for any Notice, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), or Final Rulemaking (FRM) issued by the US government. Once published in the FR, rules are collected in the Code of Federal Regulations. The United States Government Printing Office publishes the Federal Register. Each issue is a 275-page book, three columns per page. There are about 250 issues published each year, totaling approximately 69,000 pages.

The FR is available at many libraries.

FR cites ares similar in form to 11 FR 12345, where 11 is a number corresponding to the year (e.g., 62 is 1997) and 12345 represents the page number (pages are numbered continuously through the year; the first page published in each year is page number 1). Thus, a Notice whose cite is 62 FR 10700 was published beginning at page 10700 in 1997. For retrieval purposes, it is usually helpful to obtain the date as well, since it is difficult to guess the date solely on the page number.

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