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Feminists for Life (FFL) is an organization that claims to be "pro-life" and attracts many pro-life college students to it based on that image. In fact, the organization has filed few-to-none pro-life amicus briefs in key abortion cases since 2000.[1] Moreover, its own list of accomplishments features demonstrates that it has often supported liberal government programs that were not supported by other pro-life groups.[2]

Further research on the Feminists for Life website reveals that:[3]

  • The group rarely cites "homemaker" favorably in its publications
  • The group's website does not prominently advise college women that delaying childbirth increases their risk of breast cancer
  • It is not easy for a website visitor to determine the group's position on euthanasia and abortion after rape

Feminists for Life do have articles disclosing the abortion-breast cancer link. For example, it says that:[4]

Daling and Brind's breast cancer studies [showing that abortion increases breast cancer] are not the only research censored by pro-abortion groups and the media. Additional studies indicate that women who have abortions may be at increased risk of cervical, ovarian and colorectal cancers.

A noted member of Feminists for Life is Jane Roberts, wife of U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts. Another is Alaska governor Sarah Heath Palin. Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Katherine Janeway in Star Trek Voyager is also a member.

FFL stands against abortion, but not all abortions. They are staunch advocates of "exceptions" which are some of the most widely used excuses to abort a life.[5]


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