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A Fence is a barrier separating two properties, fields, or other areas.

Fences can be both to keep humans and/or animals in or out of an area, or simply to mark a boundary. Border fences mark national boundaries in addition to enhancing a nation's security.

Electric fences are electrified wires used to keep livestock in a given area. They may be either temporary or attached to permanent fences.

The world's longest fence is the 5,400 km Dog Fence or Dingo Fence in Australia.[1]

Temporary fence.jpg
Temporary fence
and safety fence
Chain wire fence.jpg
Chain wire fence
Metal fence.jpg
Metal fence
Metal panel fence.jpg
Metal panel fence
Paling fence.jpg
Paling fence
Picket fence.jpg
Picket fence
Post and rail fence.jpg
Post-and-rail fence
Wooden fence.jpg
Simple wooden fence


  1. The Dog Fence (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)