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Final Fantasy is a Japanese multimedia (predominately video game) series created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, owned and developed By Square Enix, formally Square. The core of the Franchise are 15 Fantasy/Sci-fi Fantasy Role Playing Games (RPG's), surrounded by various other games, movies, anime and other media. The series was created in 1987 as a last ditch effort by Sakaguchi and was never expected to be the critical success it ended up becoming.

One of the defining features of Final Fantasy is that each main game is unrelated to any other besides sharing some character names and other elements that have become synonymous with final fantasy games. This trend started with Final Fantasy II as Final Fantasy was not expected to be a hit and therefor the plot ended itself, leaving no room for a normal sequel. This trend has been broken since, but only for a few Fan favorite games and a number of the none main series Final Fantasy Titles.

As with several Fantasy role playing games, it utilizes spells, and the main villain/final boss generally becomes nigh-omnipotent with a new form.

The games generally vary from pushing conservative messages, liberal messages, and/or being politically neutral, depending on the story.