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Fishing is the practice of capturing fish and other water-borne species for the purpose of consumption, sales, or research. Fishing can be either a sport or hobby by individuals, or a commercial enterprise. As a sport, fishing is licensed and regulated similar to hunting and many people enjoy both hobbies.[1] In internet slang "phishing" refers to the obtaining of user's details through seemingly legitimate means.

Methods of Capture

  • Fishing pole ("hook and line")
  • Netting
  • Spears
  • Baskets
  • lures
  • bait

Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing uses different techniques and types of fishing vessels. These include longline fishing, driftnetting, and trawling. Longline fishing uses a single fishing line pulled behind the boat with many hooks attached. Driftnetting is the use of a fishing net suspended in the water which is later retrieved. Trawling is the use of a fishing net dragged behind a boat on the ocean floor. For some non-fish species such as crab, cages known as 'pots' are used and are left in the water with bait, to be later retrieved by the fishermen. Many of the world's ocean fisheries are clearly depleted when compared to as recently as the 1950's.[2]

Biblical References

In the Bible, fishing is used as a metaphor for the winning of souls to Christ. Several of Jesus' disciples were fishermen before He called them, promising to make them 'fishers of men'. Fishing and fishing boats feature in several stories from the Gospels, such as the miraculous catch (John 21:11) and St Peter walking on water (Matthew 14:28-31).